About Websites for Small Biz

Who Should Read this Blog?

This blog is for any of these readers:

  • Small business owners who need a website
  • Small business owners who want to improve their website
  • Technical people who work for small businesses or for organizations such as libraries, university departments, agencies
  • Non-profit organizations that have a limited budget for tech
  • Bloggers who want a professional blog and need to learn the technical aspects of a blog
  • People who are thinking of setting up their own business or setting up a professional blog
  • Students who want to learn web design and/or development
  • Anyone curious about technical aspects of websites, WordPress or other web building systems

What topics are discussed on Websites for Small Biz?

Topics include WordPress, Twitter, social media, Drupal, PHP, learning to code, hiring technical staff, networking, logo design, web security, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), navigation, CSS, blogging, interviews of small business owners and more. Comments are highly-encouraged.

Can I write a guest post?

Yes, guest posts are welcome. If you can discuss any of the above topics in an interesting manner or would like to share your knowledge of small business, please read the guest post guidelines first and then contact me.

I have a small business – would you like to interview me?

Yes, I would love to hear about your small business, your networking on and offline, your choice of website or blog or other social media for marketing your business. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me.

Can I subscribe to Websites for Small Biz?

Yes! You can either use the RSS feed to subscribe (and read the blog in an RSS reader such as Google Reader). Alternatively, for those who prefer email, there is now have an email subscription service. Sign up below:

Can we discuss a topic in depth?

Sure! A great way to discuss any topic related to WordPress, blogs, social media, Twitter, Photoshop, design, getting started with a website, content management systems, network or other topics is to join Websites for Small Biz on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “About Websites for Small Biz

  1. I was nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and, in turn, nominated you.

    It’s a sort of blogger outreach and I’m honored to be considered. As part of it, I had to nominate 15 other blogs/people and write a post about it. I’m including the live link below.

    If you’d like to participate, you can also nominated 15 people, there is no obligation, but it is a great way to get more exposure.

    I am happy to draw some attention to your blog and work with the award.

    Happiest of New Years!



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