Cardinals and Sidebars: Find and Share Great Content

Find great content on blog or website (you can make use of Google Analytics). Share great content: email lists, social media, make use of sidebar, create attractive boxes.

WordPress Business Benefits: the Biz Blogging Platform

Learn WordPress Business Benefits: community, plugins, themes, easy to update, easy to optimize, great way to share and to gain SEO.

Making Contact: Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Do you use a contact form on your website? Review contact form plugins for WordPress. What should you put on your contact page?

Mailing List Tips: Subscription Box and Timing

Create mailing list. Add attractive subscription box to your blog. Set mailing frequency to daily, weekly or a few times a week. Do you have a mailing list? Any mailing list tips to share?

Website Management: Who Updates Your Site?

Who Updates Your Website? Small business owners often do website management. Hire a web developer or web designer for some tasks. Don’t install every plugin.

Therapy Websites: Safe and Inviting

Therapy websites: what to include? Contact form. Inviting and safe environment. Change titles on navigation menus. Illustrations add interest. What invites you?

Post Highlights of 2013

Post highlights on local SEO, guest posts, post by pageview or comments, restaurant owner websites and Build a Blog with WordPress

Create Photo Gallery with WP Native Gallery

Using WP native gallery and lightbox plugin, one can easily create photo gallery in WordPress. Compare and contrast this method with using WordPress plugin NextGen Gallery.

Social Media for Small Business: How and Why

Why social media for small business? How can small biz do social media? In guest post, Scott Huntington brings examples of small biz social media success.

CSV, JPG, PHP – File Formats Fun

Discussion of file formats such as csv, jpg, php. What is PHP? Why use CSV? Think Excel. File format for photos: jpg, png, gif.