Play Tag: WordPress Tags Help Your Readers

Why WordPress Tags? How can WordPress Tags help your readers? Tag posts to create a link to important repeated content. Then, as in the game Tag, you are It: tell us how tags help you.

Category Pages – Organizing, Listing, Displaying

What are Category Pages? See an example with a category of posts on trees. Excerpts, thumbnails, titles with links can all be put on category pages.

Image File Naming: Not Fred or Esmerelda

Image file naming suggestions: use hyphen instead of underscore. Consider keywords. Don’t use spaces. Put file sizes at the end. Know of any other file name conventions?

Image Titles: Add Text to an Image

Create Image Titles: Learn about tools to add text to an image. Explores Pixlr, Picasa, Paint, Photoshop. What is your favorite photo editor?

Pixel? My Image has Pixels?

Image pixels – think big pixels (thousands) for print. Hundreds of pixels for web. How many pixels wide is your image? How do you get the right size for your blog?

Resize or Crop an Image with Pixlr

Crop Image with Pixlr, then Resize image for a post: Load image into Pixlr, free online editing program. Learn to use crop tool. Resize Image and save to computer.

Social Media Action in Central New Jersey

Learn about Central New Jersey social media success stories: Sushiana moving (where?), Highland Park Public Library photos and fun, contests and coffee, Google+ rocks. What businesses are using social media in your area and how?

Update WordPress: How To and Scare Tactics

Update WordPress so you don’t get hacked. Follow two steps to update. Update WordPress for security reasons!

Cardinals and Sidebars: Find and Share Great Content

Find great content on blog or website (you can make use of Google Analytics). Share great content: email lists, social media, make use of sidebar, create attractive boxes.

WordPress Business Benefits: the Biz Blogging Platform

Learn WordPress Business Benefits: community, plugins, themes, easy to update, easy to optimize, great way to share and to gain SEO.