Why Use WordPress for Your Small Biz Website

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After years of building and updating websites with straight code or other content management systems (I’ve used Joomla and Drupal), I now almost always recommend WordPress to clients who are looking to build their small business websites. The reason? Ease of use.

Administrative Area is Easy to Use

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Compared to other content management systems, it is so easy for someone to dive into the WordPress admin section and start to edit and write posts. I just remind my clients to add the posts to the correct category, and the theme will take care of places the posts where they belong. You can start a draft and leave it there, updating it as you want until you are ready to publish it. Then you can just as easily unpublish it so it becomes a draft form again, in case you want to use it again later.

Easy to Upgrade

Click, click, click and you are done with upgrade. No need to FTP files or get into shell mode or remember what you customized. Oh, do backup your blog first (but with a variety of backup plugins, this too is easy).

Many Plugins and Plugin Developers

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The range of plugins available for WordPress is numerous and growing. And often plugin developers are happy to answer your specific installation or use of plugin questions. See the WordPress plugin directory.

Easy to Customize

Want a header specific to your site? Easy with WordPress. With any WordPress theme, you can edit the header.php and style.css to make it your own. Or you can hire a professional to design and install a header that will make your shine stand out from the competition. WordPress appearance and functionality can be tweaked and changed via the theme files, so your site can function specific to your needs. If you take a look at the layouts on this post on Highlighting Upcoming on a WordPress Home Page, you can get some ideas of how you could customize your site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Even if you do nothing extra to your site, it will have an advantage in search engine optimization by utilizing the WordPress set up. If you add the plugin All in One SEO Pack, you can fine tune each post so keywords will appear in title tags and description tags.

Easy to Edit and Add New Content

Did I use the word “easy” enough times in this post? Yes, it really is easy to use and publish your pages. You can edit, add, add categories, backup, add links, upload photos and docs and add widgets, all with a few clicks.

If you use WordPress, what do you like about it?

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12 thoughts on “Why Use WordPress for Your Small Biz Website

  1. WordPress is a great cms! very flexible, great community, tutorials, themes and plugins! And thank you for all your posts on wordpress including this one.

  2. I have found here some very useful tips for small businesses like mine to use wordpress for the promotion of businesses.

  3. Leora, great post! I couldn’t agree more with your above points. Having used Joomla and Drupal, I think WordPress is VERY easy to use. It’s just so intuitive and smart! I have taught many of my family members and friends to use WordPress and they are always so surprised by how easily they can update text and images, download & activate plugins, and do SEO (that All In One SEO Pack is a lifesaver!). No question – if you are looking for a CMS, WordPress is the way to go.

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