Why Use Thumbnails – New Feature in WordPress 2.9

First, the Code to Implement the Thumbnails

This is NOT a post on how to implement the new thumbnails code for WordPress 2.9 (latest is 2.9.1). If you want to implement the code, simply open functions.php and add the code as explained in these posts:
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This post is about how one can use thumbnails to enhance a site.

Why are thumbnails important to your site?

When you first come to a site, be it a blog or a website, what do you see? You might see a list or a menu of links and a header with an image reflecting the overall site. You might see one large image representative of the last item posted to the site. If all you see is lots of text or links, this may not entice to click further. But what if you are given choices, as in this library site:

Scotch Plains Public Library Thumbnails

Much more likely to click on one of these than on a plain link, right?

What if you want the posts organized differently on another page, say on a category page? How’s this:

Scotch Plains Adults Page

Same thumbnails, but this page has tags, dates and category links as well. Same posts, but the layout has changed and more information added.

What has changed in WordPress 2.9 in regard to thumbnails?

Before WordPress 2.9, you could do thumbnails using a custom field. Now the thumbnail has its own spot on each post, and you can easily add the thumbnail (and change it) as well as descriptive text while working on the post. Also, thumbnail does not have to mean small; one can use a variety of sizes. See the links at the beginning of this post for detailed information.

Noteworthy Examples of Thumbnails

lyza danger gardner thumbnails

Lyza Danger’s projects page

•   •   •
Connelly Campion Wright Insurance thumbnails

News and Resources page of Connelly-Campion-Wright Insurance

Do you have an example that you like of a page with thumbnails? It doesn’t have to be done with WordPress – just good thumbnail design.

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3 thoughts on “Why Use Thumbnails – New Feature in WordPress 2.9

  1. Actually I want to use thumbnail for the related post under the article, it sounds cool and cute for me, but unfortunately I’m not good in technical things, the codes seem too complicated for me 😛 So now I just use some images to make my posts look more interesting 🙂

  2. Turisuna, you do have to touch the code on the themes in order to implement the thumbnail feature. Or you could just *switch* to a theme that has that feature. That would be a much simpler approach, depending on how attached you are to your current theme.

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