46 thoughts on “Website Redesign: New Look for LeoraW dot com

  1. Leora, I really like your crisp new look. The W jumping out of the box is terrific – great idea. It’s different and is sure to make people think ‘outside of the box’. Congratulations.

  2. Leora your new updated website looks terrific. I went over to check out the services page. Indeed, what you now have matches the kind of crispness I saw in many of your client examples. Smart marketing. Because if you website is equal to the quality of theirs, my guess is your prospects will like know your walk your talk. Happy New Year as you start it with this.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui. Yes, definitely worth it … I had to stop myself from holding off from even more tweaks and embellishments. I do have more ideas for the site, but I really need to concentrate elsewhere. I’m thinking of learning more about Google Analytics and local SEO, for example. Then maybe in a few months I will look at it again, feeling fresh.

  3. Hi Leora, pretty cool stuff! I like it a lot, particularly the creativity of the new logo. I’m assuming its a reflection on how you think outside the box and come up with creative and unique website designs. Working on completion of my redesign now. It definitely takes longer than one thinks. 🙂

  4. The new site design looks awesome. A big improvement. People who manage a business sometimes forget about their own site because customer requirements always come first. But your home page is critical for creating a first impression. It is very hard to hire someone in the fields of Web dev, branding or marketing if they have a dull looking site.

    1. Thanks, Ken. I have various ideas for my business, but redoing the site was number 1. Now to figure what my next steps should be … I think taking a breath is what comes to mind this week (especially since tomorrow we get a BIG storm).

  5. I had a website once that occupied 14 months in its build. I was pleased with the outcome but exhausted. You should be pleased and hopefully not exhausted with this one 🙂

  6. Well done on making a great looking new site. There comes a time in any venture where it’s time to upgrade, and you did it!! I changed the look of my site about six months ago, but I’m afraid I only spent two weeks on it. But none the less it’s much better than it was. Now i can look forward to seeing more of your business posts too:-)

    1. A.K., I was thinking about the logo for years. Glad I finally found a graphic designer who could help me achieve.

      I have ideas for business posts, but sometimes my ideas are a bit technical. We shall see what I come up with next.

  7. Leora,

    Your site looks amazing. Congratulations. Honestly, I was relieved to hear that your site did not just happen over night and that you spent a year putting together all the pieces. Granted, I’ve been talking about a total redesign of my site for just about that long and you made it happen Awesome!

    1. Thanks, Sherryl. I plan to redo this blog in some fashion as well, but I need a break from all this planning. I have a new potential client I am meeting this week, so that will take my extra energy for now.

  8. Wow…. just wow…. Your new site looks amazing! I need to make some changes as well, but have not settled on anything yet. Until I do I just keep tweeting what I have.

  9. Congratulations for new look. I am also trying to have a website for my blog and have talked to two people about it. It has a lot of details like design this that, html coding etc. Nowadays I am learning about.

    Its hard to settle on one particular thing, if you decide one and then you come up with something better and then you have to keep your budget in mind as well.

    I love the logo, W jumping out of box will surly motivate us to see out of box.
    Great Idea.

    1. Glad you like my logo! I enjoyed working with the graphic design team on it. I’ve been studying web design and development since my middle son was born – let’s see, that’s 18 years. Before that I studied programming in college. So, yes, there is a lot to learn. But one has to start somewhere.

  10. I’ve overhauled my site three times and paid for someone to tweak the second theme I’ve used. Now the third one displays giant avatars in some browsers that covers up the comments. Would love to be like you and be able to fix it myself 😉

    1. Steve, glad you like the houses. They are modeled after Highland Park homes. My block really looks kind of like those houses! That was part of the reason the site took so long – I was working on illustrations (in between working for my clients, which thankfully takes up a lot of time, too).

  11. Leora — I went to your new site and love it. It’s so clean and user-friendly. I’m very impressed by your portfolio of websites. I changed the design of my website a couple of months ago. I like it better. I use more and larger images and I’ve increased the font and type size. I think that’s especially important as people are reading on laptops and iPads so we’ve got to give them a break!

  12. Hi Leora Wenger,
    Your website is looking very professional now. Why did you remove commentluv plugin 🙁 BTW great redesign. Did you do all the coding stuff?

    1. Munna, do you think I should put CommentLuv plugin back in? I must have had a problem at one point so I took it off. Maybe with the next post I will put it back.

      Yes, I do most of my own coding. I enjoy coding! Glad you like the new site.

  13. Needless to say, I agree with everybody else that your new site looks great. Have to say though, that what I like most about what I read is the intelligent way you went about changing it. Am sure that had a major impact on the positive result.

    1. Catarina, thanks for the note on how I went about changing it. Yes, it was carefully thought out. And it would have taken me even longer (because one can tweak and improve forever), but I had a new potential client to impress. So I moved forward more quickly last week.

      And now to catch my breath, write new posts, then redo this site as well!

  14. Leora- I like your new website design because it is more professional. Today the similar look is what customer’s are reacting to. I am constantly changing my site to keep with the today’s demand. Your logo is great because that W stands out. When I had my logo create I wanted the G to be memorable. It take so much time to get it right and I think you did. You are a very talented lady and I hope this new design brings you more business.

    1. Arleen, thank you so much for your kind words. I found working with two talented graphic designers helped a lot with the W coming out of the box. Often working in teams can help one move forward.

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