Make Your Website into Home Base

Enjoy tea on the porch of your home – enjoy a blog post with your guest on your website
Enjoy tea on the porch of your home – enjoy a blog post with your guest on your website

Home may conjure up emotions of tranquility, calm, ease, and a place to rest. For those that are homeless, one might instead feel uneasiness, loss, fatigue and lack of connection. If you are in business, what is your home base on the web? It makes sense to make your website your home base.

When might you not (yet) want to create a website? If you are early in your business planning and you do not yet clear have a view of of your target market or your products or services, perhaps that is indeed a good reason to delay website creation. Otherwise, I highly recommend creating even a small website for your business and using it as a home base for your online networking and marketing.

Why your website should be home base

Why make your website into home base? A few reasons:

  • Don’t Rely on Facebook – Facebook rules Facebook – they decide if your posts will show up in your readers’ stream, whether you have permission to post on certain topics, and whether you have a right to your page at all. Granted, usually these items do not fluctuate much and it is only under rare circumstances that a page is taken down, but don’t count on many people viewing your page unless you have an extremely popular topic.
  • Google+ is a great platform, with limitations – maybe you are taken by the new popularity and discussions on Google+. However, if you want the focus to be on your products and services, you are better off doing so on your own site in your own environment without the distractions of all the other participants on a platform like Google+. Use Google+ as a way to draw a select group to your website; there the focus will be on discussions you can control via a blog or on products that those certain people may find interesting.
  • On your own site, you can show off best features – a contact page, services page, about people in your firm page – these are wonderful places to talk exclusively about what you need your potential customers to know. And of course, a blog is a great way to draw the interest of those who might benefit from your services. A blog can also be an effective medium for reporting news in your industry or profession or services that need more explanation or detail.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SE0) – what a better place to build up your rankings in the search engines than by optimizing your own website. Don’t you want customers to type in a description of your product or service and have your site show up near the top? A website is the base for building that ranking.

Your Turn, Please

Why do you think a business should make its website into home base? Is there a time a business should hesitate about creating a website? What has been your overall experience in drawing in new customers with a website? Finally, should I really publish a post with the term “home base” and not mention baseball?

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30 thoughts on “Make Your Website into Home Base

  1. As I was reading I could hear myself say she right, I agree, so true and on it went. All of the factors you mentioned are reason for having home-based website/presence. Starting small can help a person acclimate to the whole experience and grow as their comfort or need dictates and allows. 🙂
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Chocolate Dipped Spoons: RecipeMy Profile

    1. I think I should read your article. And maybe next time you can leave one comment about mine before asking about yours? I think that’s the way things usually work. 😉

      Customized tabs – of course that would benefit businesses! The more control, the better.

  2. Agree with you Leora. Your website is your base.

    Just wish to add that for a business Google + is the best forum because Google Local is part of it. And you can use Google authorship which makes you come up higher on google search engine results, at least for us that already use Google authorship for another site:)
    Catarina recently posted…Cheap chic – a recession mega trend?My Profile

    1. Catarina,

      Oh, yes, one certainly wants to be part of Google+ as a business. No question about that! But as you say, it needs to interact with another site for Authroship, which would usually be your website.

  3. I definitely want my website to serve as home base for my writing and for my editing services. I sometimes wonder if I should have bought a domain that contains my entire name, but I guess JeriWB works too.

    1. JeriWB seems fine – it’s short and easy to remember. Those are big plusses.

      If you want to buy a second domain name, you might want to think about one with a favorite keyword phrase. I’ve known businesses that have done just that.

  4. Oh, your website HAS to be your home base if you want to use it as the core of your business. Social media sites are very useful but only to link back to your “home base” which is where your content and possibly advertisements will be. Good info here!

  5. Leora,
    I totally agree with you that anyone who has a business should have a website. I also agree that not being clear about your business is a good reason not to launch one. I’d also like to add that not having the resources (whether they be financial, time or skills) to create a professional looking website is another reason for delaying it. Just as you wouldn’t roll out the welcome mat if you had an unkempt house, you wouldn’t want people to come to your site if it’s riddled with misspellings, grammatical errors and an overall unprofessional appearance.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted…How Do You Avoid Keyword Stuffing on Your Website Blog?My Profile

    1. Sherryl, that’s great that you can so clearly list when it should not yet be a priority for a business.

      There are things about my own business I still need to clarify (for example, I want a new name that I like), and it takes time to get it right. I’ve had businesses contact me and then not follow through on their sites because they are unsure on how to present themselves. It takes time to find that clarity.

    2. Thanks, Sherryl, for this caveat. I’m one of those anxious about creating a website when I have not got everything “in order.” Delay can be wise.

      On the other hand, waiting for perfection can halt action. So for me and many other “waiting, would be” business people, we need to get something going period. AND then to have that site proofed, etc.

  6. I just came into blogging from freelance writing some time back. And, to tell you the truth, I never ever realized the need to have a website till I read this. 🙁

    Looks like I’m going to go for soon too! 🙂
    Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

  7. Leora, great post! I have a jewelry business and am just coming up with the website for it now. But I do have a question… I have an event planning blog/business and I have set up my blog to look like a website with blogger. Do you think that is adequate or should I really invest myself into a website that LINKS to my blog?

    1. Jessica, glad you like the post.

      As to your question, it is quite subjective to say what is “adequate” – one can always improve a website in some way. It is just a matter of where you want to invest your time/money. The more professional your website appears, the better an impression it will make on potential customers.

    1. Ariana,

      I like how you have Home, About and Contact at the top of your site – nice and simple, clear to the potential customer where to look for more information. Best wishes with your site and your business.

  8. Since we are now in a technology era, we can’t deny the power of internet and how it affects our daily living and not to mention it’s effect to doing business. Most of the consumers are searching for their needs online, that’s why it’s essential to have and own a website or else, you’re missing a big part. Having a website would means easier promotion of your products and it’s also a way to build your brand.

  9. I guess the answer is “it depends” what you are trying to accomplish, but I do see my blog (website) as the one place I have control. As you pointed out, the other forms of social media are controlled by corporations that are motivated by their bottom line, not yours.

    Since you have “Home Base” in your post title and “baseball” in the body of the post, there probably will be some confused people doing searches for information about reaching home base in baseball.
    Suzanne Fluhr recently posted…Ireland Road Trip — Part Three (The Ring of Kerry)My Profile

    1. Suzanne, if I were more clever about baseball, I would have made it more of a theme for the post and included some home base baseball information to appease those folks!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts on emphasizing one’s website as opposed to emphasizing social media platform.

  10. Thanks for this article, Leora.

    I sell modern dolls and action figures, but I do not have a website for that service. I keep a hobby-based blog about modern dolls and action figures so that I do have “street cred” for my hobby. The selling that I do is tangential though so I do not feel a strong need for a separate selling website.

    However, I do need to establish a separate business website for my writing services that I want to establish. I think that would give me credibility and an online “showroom.”

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