Is this Post Too Technical for You?

Can this dog learn WordPress?  I bet you can learn WordPress.

My goal in working on this blog called Websites for Small Biz is to get those of you who fear any code or any technical advice to be ever so slightly less afraid. And you should be able to ask questions, too. For those of you who are comfortable with code or the technical details of a website, can you learn to share your knowledge with others in such a way that they will learn and not be scared off? I hope the answer is yes, and one can teach technical details to anyone. Didn’t we all learn that 1+1=2, even if some of us are more agile with mathematics than others? If you feel you can do 1+1=2, maybe you can also solve a simple algebra problem. It’s all a matter of learning the basics at the pace that you need before moving on to the next, harder problem.

Here are a few technical points regarding WordPress, for example:

  • You can edit a theme. The best method is to create a child theme, and put your changes there. Changes can be adding a thumbnail to a category page or changing how an excerpt appears on a page. Perhaps in a future post I will talk about how to use FileZilla, a free FTP software program.
  • Backups are crucial. One of my favorite plugins is WP-DBManager. Another one I use is BackUpWordPress. You may never need to use the backups, but one never knows when your database may get messed up. Your web host may be doing backups as well, but it is best to have your own in addition to theirs. If your site ever gets hacked, one initial action you can take is to ask your web host to roll back your database to an earlier setup.

Your Turn, Please

What can I possibly do or say that will make you continue to read my posts even if some of the information is rather technical? Would you be willing to read at least part of the posts? If I do a few cartwheels (can one do dramatic cartwheels with words alone – maybe an image of a cute dog who might learn WordPress would help?), would that extra entertainment help you with keeping you concentrating on the post?

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19 thoughts on “Is this Post Too Technical for You?

  1. Actually, Leora, I’m going to be needing to read your posts. In fact, I was told I need to create a child theme for my redesigned blog. This means I am going to click on your link about creating a child theme–and I’m glad I found it.

    1. Carlo,

      What’s that expression about it taking all types to make the world go round? Hopefully, we can find ways to share our skills so there is room for all of us to grow and succeed. I’m glad you appreciate those with technical skills.

  2. I am always a bit afraid that I will break something…LOL. so any time someone can break it down in a way that makes it seem less onerous is always appreciated. I have someone who helps me with my website. That is a very good thing because otherwise It would take me for ever to get anything done.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Evenus Zinfandel Port Wine 2007: WineMy Profile

    1. Susan, you talk about the fear… I find the fear a challenge! I’ve learned how to put things up in a way that 1) checks it out before it goes public and 2) makes it easy to correct or revert back if necessary. After a few successes, the fears subside.

      Learning that others can help is also a great asset – we can all move forward if we do what we know best.

  3. Hi Leora,

    I think what you are doing is needed. I have played with code just by following what others have done but not really understood what I was doing only that it would get a result. One thing I think is missing in the tech world is the explanation in really simple terms what each element of the code is and what it does. This can be by visuals or analogies. That said many just want those of you who have the skills to do it for them.
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    1. Susan, I would love your feedback as I explain technical points – for example, did you get it? Is there a better way to explain it? Does it need more visuals?

      I have a post on FTP almost all written – plan to publish it next week. Then I plan to write up editing and updating a child theme using FTP.

      I appreciate the encouragement.

  4. Leora, great that you are starting this blog for those of us who are scared to doing anything technical online.

    Look forward to reading your post on FileZilla. Was about to download it but will wait until I have read your post.

    Use the WP DBmanager but it doesn’t back up your theme and so forth. Filezilla is one way of doing that. Would be great if you could look into how to best use FZ for such purpose especially for those of us who need a detailed guide not to make mistakes:-)
    Catarina recently posted…China the new Wall Street?My Profile

    1. Catarina,

      Yes, you are right, Filezilla is a great way to back up your theme and any changes you might make to it. I’ll make the time to write up the post (I got started this morning with three lines…).

      – Leora

  5. Leora~ You lost me at “create a child theme” LOL. I’m going to stick in there though and keep reading. I’m a small biz, so I’m sure I’ll figure some stuff out. Plus I like your writing style.


    1. Julie, I’m glad you are planning to keep reading! And the news that you like my writing style is helpful, too. Sometimes folks end up saying, it’s definitely worthwhile to hire someone to do this for me, but at least I have an idea of what to ask. Others will try, and if one keeps trying, one is usually successful.

      If you make changes to a theme in WordPress and the theme is upgraded, your changes will be lost. If you make your changes to a child theme (good idea to keep a copy of your child theme), you can easily update the parent theme without fear of loss.

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