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Do you ever see someone share something and think, wow, that was nice! Wish I had thought of that. This post is about creating and sharing quick images, for holidays, business events, birthdays and saying Thank You. Usually the trick to sharing a great image is to prepare in advance. Let’s discuss ways of creating and sharing quick images for your blog, website or social media.

Sharing Birthday Images

Last week it was a friend’s birthday, and I thought: instead of just sharing a greeting, why don’t I come up with an image? I did this on the spur of the moment, and I quickly found an image of her son and my daughter at about age four sitting on the stairs of my house. I thought, well, does it fit? But then I opened Photoshop, added some text with her name, and I too had a nice image to share. I think she liked it (it brought back fond memories).

So if I want to prepare in advance for birthdays, I should probably keep in mind to look for more birthday photos or create a few candles and cake or presents in Illustrator. Maybe some old, public domain images would be nice personalized for the right friend? Old paintings or book illustrations might be nice for someone who likes art or reading, for example.

Now, that’s *I* do it – but what if you don’t own Photoshop or Illustrator? What if you find them confusing? See section below.

How to Add Text to Images

As a review, if you want to learn how to add text to images, you might want to read this post about text on images or this one on creating attractive visual imagery. You don’t have to be a whiz at Photoshop – follow those links for simple ideas.

Here’s an example I might use:
birthday cake
I found an old photo from about fifteen years ago, and using my photo editor of choice, I cropped out much of the photo so the focus is on the cake. I can now add some text on the blue tablecloth. One free online tool that I have written about is called Pixlr, and it has both a cropping tool and a text tool.

Sharing Holiday Images

Holiday images can be easy. But the best way to prepare is to take lots of pictures one year in advance! OK, did you find a great picture? Good, now add some text, and share away!

Here’s one of my Chanukah images that I shared on Facebook:
Happy Hanukah image on - part of a post on Websites for Small Biz on Creating and Sharing Images

Note how I added to the bottom right. Think about adding your logo or name of your business or your domain. As long as it’s not intrusive and adds a bit to the design, it can only help you get a little bit more exposure.

Thank You Images

I have been working away both for clients and on a new version of my websites services website. I decided when people submit a contact message to me, I would like to thank the person with a lovely Thank You image. Here is a preview:
Thank You! by Leora Wenger on - a Websites for Small Biz post on sharing images
In general I would like to say a big THANK YOU to anyone who has read and commented on any of my posts. You are appreciated!

Your Turn, Please

What kind of images have you seen on social media that appeal to you? Have you created your own images for your blog or social media?

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38 thoughts on “Creating and Sharing Quick Images

  1. Hi Leora: I share a lot of my own images – either ones I’ve drawn myself or photos I’ve taken. Like you, I always try to make sure I put my business name on them. I find when i take pictures of food for my blog it is best to take about 20 pictures of each thing in hopes that one will have turned out just right. 🙂 The drawings I do ahead of time to go along with the story. Fun but time consuming too.

  2. Leora — you make it sound so simple. But it’s not for simpleminded people like m!. As soon as you started discussing Photoshop, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it — much as I think it’s a great idea. Another thought is that we can all take more photos ourselves and not always rely on stock photography. I have taken some excellent shots with my iPhone cameras that I can use in my blog posts and as wallpaper for my phone and desktop.

    1. Jeannette, did you follow my links where I say How To? I *do not* recommend Photoshop for most people. I have written about other programs that are simple and free. And, yes, take your own pictures and add a little text.

      I think you can figure out how to do simple ones. You even said so yourself!

      After your comment, I updated the post to clarify how one can do these without Photoshop or Illustrator.

  3. Hello Leora,
    gud idea to greet people with images. A plain text greeting is too common these days. Adding an image with some artistically crafted words can bring a wide smile in the receiver’s face…

  4. I love Adobe Photoshop. Do you know about the app photogrid? You make a collage of pictures, save in various formats, and it is ready for use. Check it out. I use it frequently on my blogs.

  5. Good post Leora – I always love receiving and using an image too. But I don’t have photoshop and I’m rusty on using images in word, so I’ll also check out Pixlr. Thanks for the reminder:-)

  6. I post a lot of photos to my blog. Sometimes I combine into a collage for posting. And I’ve created poster images with photos and text (usually a quote of some kind). I like the idea of sharing images for birthday greetings. Sounds like a good idea for 2015.

  7. I love photoshop and photgraphy. The excitement that comes with creating a great image is very cool and then being able to share it or post it; even cooler.

  8. I have used some of my photos and at times I write the name of blog and sometimes add my name.

    Great suggestions and I have learned a lot new stuff from your post.

    I like the image from 15years ago of a birthday.

    Thank you for a great share.

  9. Lovely ideas. I share a lot of images and many of the images I pin on my Pinterest boards are my own. I just love the process and coming up with just the right images. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Great tips. As a writer sometimes I get so use to using words, when instead one simple snapshot will do the trick. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Re: How to Add Text to Images

    In the context of a Web page, putting text on top of an image can be carried out with some basic HTML and CSS – there is certainly no need to go running to an image editor. Here’s how to do it:

    (1) Put the image (img element) in a div element.
    (2) Give the div a relative positioning in order to use it as a ‘containing block’.
    (3) Put the text in a span element.
    (4) Put the span in the div (either before or after the img is OK).
    (5) Give the span an absolute positioning.
    (6) Give the span top and left settings so as to move the text to where you want it to be.

    That’s it! You can now style the span per your preference: give it a background color, set the text color, set the text typeface, etc. Way simpler than Photoshop!

    1. Well, Andy, if you consider this easier, that’s fine. As someone who does a lot of work with CSS, I recommend Pixlr. You would have do more with CSS to get it to look nice. Most of the people I have worked with take one look at CSS and say, never mind. They seem to be OK with photo editors.

  12. I use a ton of images both on facebook and pinterest. I add text and re-size images by right clicking on the image and opening it up in PAINT. When I search for images, I usually try to juxtapose them in some way with my message so that the message and image are perceived subliminally by the viewer. If I can find the credit and there is no copyright violation, I always credit the artist or photographer whose work I have shared.

  13. Loved the Thank you image. Wow that will get your attention. I like the idea when we contact our customers and not just send out a notice when they need to reply but a color image that we can embed in the email. You got me thinking.

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