What’s Your Sales Pitch?

American flag on top of rudbeckia
One of the ways I work on my design skills is creating images in Photoshop, like imposing a photo of a flying flag on top of my rudbeckia. More on this composition.

Many of the people who read this blog are bloggers. But we are not just bloggers! Sometimes it’s not obvious from the content of the post what one does professionally when one is not blogging about a certain topic. It’s not so easy to say, aren’t I wonderful because I accomplished X, Y, and Z. So I’m hoping I can give you the opportunity to boast of your recent accomplishments in the comments.

I thought of this topic when I was reading Dennis Salvatier’s blog and enjoying his recent Batman drawings. I remarked on how I had just seen a Photoshop tutorial on turning a drawing into a digital image. He responded: “Well, I am a professional graphic designer. I think I could swing that.” Well, that got me looking into his portfolio! I found some great logos that he has designed. As I sometimes seek a good logo designer for clients, I will keep Dennis in mind.

Another example is inspired by Jeanette Paladino’s post Stuck Trying to Learn WordPress? WPBeginner Offers Tutorials and Tips. Jeanette had the opportunity to interview a WordPress blogger, one who writes about WordPress code. In writing this post, I thought, how is it that Jeanette had this opportunity? I went back to learn more about Jeanette, and I discovered she specializes in social media strategies for companies.

As for myself, I recently converted the Highland Park Public Library’s website to WordPress. Now the librarians can easily update pages and events without help from me. I used what is called a custom content type to build the events and the calendar. Another recent accomplishment was a quick Coming Soon page for a New Jersey law firm. I also built a contact form so visitors to the mini site can contact the attorneys with questions.

Your Turn, Please

Do you present your skills and profession well in your blog posts? Do you wish you had more of the opportunity to offer your sales pitch in a way that people can hear? Is there some accomplishment you have achieved recently that you would love to share?

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30 thoughts on “What’s Your Sales Pitch?

  1. I love your idea and thoughts about promoting our accomplishments. Mine are mostly from my past career. One of those being I was recognized as national manager of the year in sales and marketing. Now I’m striving to achieve success in the blogosphere. I am a beginner who see each miinor step as a success. I have just past 10,000 pages views from the start date of 2/1/12. I don’t know how that ranks compared to others but I am celebrating. Now I’m on to bigger numbers.
    Susan Cooper recently posted…Sometimes You Have To Dance: by Dan MeyersMy Profile

    1. I think you are quite successful in the blogosphere, Susan! Your posts have both warmth and knowledge, which is welcoming. 10,000 is a great number – congratulations.

  2. It’s taken me almost half a year, but I finally had my first author interview over on The Gonzo Lecture. At times, I’ve felt like my blog needs a better focus since the ultimate goal is to brand myself as an indie author. I’ve started to incorporate book reviews and a how to series focused on writing. Followers have gradually built-up and I’ve learned a lot. But blogging is like anything else in life, once you master the basics there’s always something new to learn!

    1. That’s wonderful about your first author review. And I agree, always something new to learn. I love learning from other bloggers – everyone comes with their own perspective and unique experiences.

  3. In Sweden you are not allowed to boast about your accomplishments. So I will take the opportunity here:-)

    Was an editor-in-chief of a business magazine at the age of 25. Am also the only Western woman ever to have held a senior management position in a 100% Saudi owned company in Riyadh.
    Catarina recently posted…Entrepreneurship – do genes play a part?My Profile

  4. Hi Leora: Great idea for a post!

    Some background on me: I’ve been freelance writing since 1993 and love it. I’m now working on my 4th book project — this one if the tastiest of my endeavours … a book about chocolate travel!

    I’ve been documenting my journey on my chocolate travel blog, and the interest and anticipation is growing for my book. I’m now in writing mode and hope to have the e-book out by October. It’s been quite the journey!
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…Pisco and chocolate? You bet!My Profile

    1. Jeannette,

      Somewhat apparent if you just read one post – but very apparent when one reads your clearly written pages about your services and yourself.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on this post.

  5. Right now I am just blogging to build an audience for when I’m ready to “put my shingle out.” But eventually, I will be offering services to writers to help them produce their e-books. I love the whole idea of self-publishing and I want to help writers with their passion. Can’t wait to do this. Getting my website together is all a part of this too. Which, by the way, I will be contacting you soon about that. 🙂
    Bethany Lee recently posted…An Interview with Holly Bernabe: To Walk Across America And MoreMy Profile

  6. Hi Leora,
    I think I do a decent job of presenting my skills and profession in my blog posts but I certainly should be doing a better job on the supporting pages of my website.

    Your article got me thinking of other ways to present our skills. For those of us who provide professional services, LinkedIn can be a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves to others simply by answering questions and helping each other. I have been introduced to several clients on LinkedIn simply by participating in a group that they are active in.

    Congratulations on converting the library’s website to WordPress. I’m sure that will serve them well.

    1. Sherryl,

      I find it difficult to share my knowledge on WordPress LinkedIn groups – there are so many writing so many educated answers on those groups, so I mostly just read them.

      I thank you for the introduction to Bloggers Helping Bloggers. It has really been the most useful LinkedIn group that I have joined. I try answering WordPress questions there.

      I appreciate your acknowledgement of our library WordPress conversion – the librarians are happy that updating the website has become even easier.

  7. Really interesting blog for me as I often feel divided about my professional career , which is now in the past and my creative pursuits , which is where I put my energy now. I’m a writer who has yet to be published, and a blogger who is rather sporadic. But I think we do what we can and hope we can reciprocate support and generate ideas between us. Certainly the blogging community is incredibly supportive I’ve found. Especially through LinkedIn, which I found surprising as I don’t normally think of the business world as being that way. it was an interesting blog too as it made me think that perhaps there are skills I might not share, or perhaps different ways to ‘sell myself’ in order to build up a sufficient following ready for the day I am published. Thanks Leora.
    A.K.Andrew recently posted…Changing Procrastination CreativelyMy Profile

    1. I was describing to a friend how supportive I find many bloggers. I hope you find your niche professionally. I enjoyed your recent post about your artwork. I love when writers do their own illustrations – gives another dimension to the publication.

  8. Hi Leora very interesting topic which causes me to think. I got into blogging as a chance to promote my practice locally, but now it has evolved into a medium for me to express my thoughts on holistic health and fitness as well provide more information to patients. I always feel like I have to much to share and really want to share everything I’ve discovered during the years to help become live better lives.
    Carlo St. Juste Jr., L.Ac recently posted…What You Should Know About Your Acupuncture TreatmentMy Profile

    1. Carlo,

      I think this is common: one gets into blogging for one reason and then discovers how supportive blogging can be. Great communities have been formed via blogs. I wish you the best with your holistic health business.

  9. Leora – Nice one you got going here and am sure you are proud of all those accomplishments.

    As for me, I would like to take a moment here and mention that I recently got nominated for two blogger awards:
    1. Carolyn nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award – http://www.wonderoftech.com/the-kreative-blogger-award/
    2. Harleena nominated my blog for the Irresistably Sweet Blog Award – http://www.aha-now.com/why-we-need-to-express-gratitude/

    I am so grateful for all you bloggers who have recognized my efforts.

    Keep them coming Leora…you are a wonderful writer yourself. Thanks for letting us “boast” about our achievements here.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…See the different monuments of ItalyMy Profile

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