Look Good on Mobile with Responsive Web Design

I previously posted about responsive web design here.

Found a great example of why you should choose responsive web design over mobile theme. I’m working for a client converting their site to a responsive theme. I looked at the test page I created in WordPress on my droid. Here’s the page with the mobile theme:
blog test
You are blue and ugly! I say to the screen. The mobile theme is paying no attention to the fact that I told WordPress to use a different template. I’m just getting the back end test page. Not even one link to the blog.

When I turn off the mobile switcher theme, here’s part of the page with responsive web design:

blog test droid
blog page on droid phone

Looks a lot better, doesn’t it? Mobile themes also have problems with search engines reporting duplicate content. Responsive web design doesn’t have this problem.

For those of you that want to dive into responsive web design yourselves, a wonderful framework for a responsive website is lessframework.css. For the rest of you, you may want to use a professional to achieve this effect. Feel free to ask questions! I love hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “Look Good on Mobile with Responsive Web Design

    1. I don’t know if it will be the biggest trend, but it certainly is an important one. Some people who don’t have computers actually do have smart phones – and many people are on the road with only their mobile phone available for checking the web.

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