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fireworks in Asbury Park, 2010

Fireworks in Asbury Park 2010, photo by Leora Wenger

1. So really, don’t use just /%postname%/ as your permalink structure.

I used /%postname%/ as my permalink structure on CSS-Tricks for a long time. I have lots of Pages. My site went down. I changed my permalink structure to begin with a number. Now it’s fine.

– Please note this was someone who had many *pages.* The article’s commentators seem to recommend in general using a numeric part in your url, such as post_id or year. This post called WordPress Permalinks for SEO and Speed explains even more on the permalinks issue.

2. 5 Best Practices for SEO

Praveen, who writes the blog Daily Morning Coffee, will be a guest on this blog later this week. I hope you will come back and read about search engine submission; Google isn’t the only fish in the sea.

3. GoDaddy got bought. Will life get better for those who own domains via GoDaddy? Stay tuned. Your guess is as good as mine.

Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate.

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  1. I’ve used /%postname%/ on a few of my wordpress websites. No problems yet, but will look into this tip.

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    • Leora Wenger says:

      Tim, this particular problem came about when someone had many, many pages. If one uses /%postname%/ , the format for pages is exactly the same as that of posts (WordPress doesn’t let you choose a format page). So after twenty pages, the querying of the database takes a load on the system. If you only have 3 pages, it is fine.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Yes , I want to read more about search engine submission, mainly search engines other than google.

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