Ease of a Facebook Fan Page

facebook a harrington limos fiddleheads restaurantOne easy way for a small business to get some presence on the web is by creating a Facebook Fan Page. Can you fill out an online form? Then you can create a fan page. Here are two small hurdles for you to overcome in creating the page:

  1. Where do I create the page? Answer: Create a Page.
  2. What kind of avatar do I need for the page? Answer: a vertical one (or a square) – size can be up to 600px in height – maximum size is 200px by 600px.

Use Keywords on Your Facebook Page

When you create your page, if you are a local business serving a geographical area, be sure to put keywords describing the area in your description if it is not already in your name. So, for example, if you are in New Jersey, and you expect people will use the search term “New Jersey” to look for a business like yours, be sure to use New Jersey. Put keywords into Google and see where (or if) your page shows up with those keywords.

Update the Page

Update your page frequently, but not so much to be annoying. Provide a service in your updates!
A Harrington Limo
A. Harrington Limousine Services is one example of a small business with frequent updates related to travel, snow, spring, supplies and local charities. Note also the creative use of the professionals in the photo welcoming you to their limousines. You can use your logo, but if it’s longer in width than in height, it’s going to get cropped, so be prepared to experiment with the avatar that you use for the page.

Interact with the Customers

Use the opportunity to interact with your customers! In this example, a restaurant called Fiddleheads in Jamesburg, New Jersey writes a comment back to an enthused customer:
Fiddleheads Restaurant, Jamesburg, New Jersey

Shorten Your URL

It used to be that you had to wait until you had 100 fans before you could shorten your Facebook Fan Page URL. No more: see
Create a Facebook Fan Page URL in 2 Minutes or Less. So what are you waiting for? Make it is easier for customers to find you.

Get Fancy: Learn FBML

Facebook even has its own mini language for manipulating your fan page. If you are a small business, you can probably do a lot without many of the bells and whistles of FBML. Know it’s available so if you want your page to have an extra special zing, FBML might have a way to do it. FBML can help you add video, change the look of your fan page, or add more boxes to your page. See more on FBML in the “Learn More” section below.

Learn More

For more information:

Do you have a favorite Facebook fan page, your own or someone else’s? Feel free to leave the link in the comments, and I may feature the page in a future post.

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25 Responses to “Ease of a Facebook Fan Page”

  1. Jimmy Gilmore says:

    Good point about using keywords. I think I left that off my list. And thanks for the links to FBML info – really good stuff.
    .-= Jimmy Gilmore´s last blog ..Shattered. It’s time to re-imagine. =-.

    • Leora Wenger says:

      Jimmy, coming from a background of building websites, I think and dream keywords (sometimes). Yes, you can do fun things with FBML! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Not all business finds time to interact with their customers. That’s precisely the downfall of these companies. They should always remember that a single customer’s feedback is very important in their product or service improvement.

    • Leora Wenger says:

      The example was a restaurant. Seems like it *crucial* for a restaurant to respond. Probably for all these companies, as you say. Or someone else will learn to please the customer instead.

  3. I have one: Facebook.com/cookingmanager. Love it.

  4. tikva says:

    my facebook fan page needs help…..http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aliyah-Lift-Shipping/329301785573?ref=ts

    i’m not sure how to get interaction.

    • Leora Wenger says:

      Could partially be the topic – maybe people aren’t thinking about the details of Aliyah all the time, the way they think about cooking or which restaurant to visit.

      My suggestion is ask easy questions. Perhaps, why did you fan this page? Did you make Aliyah already? Are you thinking about it?

      If you ask one or two friends behind the scenes to answer the questions, that might help get the discussion going.

  5. K. Smith says:

    Also, I hear that with Facebook Fan pages the links to your website can benefit your website for SEO purposes, which is not true of links on most other Facebook pages. Is this true?
    .-= K. Smith´s last blog ..The American Dream – Can You Reach it on Your Own? =-.

  6. fbml says:

    thnks this post

    • Leora Wenger says:

      I see you have a site that teaches about FBML code. You might want to improve the legibility of the page by making the text black on white background. Would be much easier to read.

      Thanks for dropping a note on this site.

  7. Interesting indeed. Facebook nowadays can be used for various activities. Marketing is one of the best. Thanks for the article. Cheers

  8. Hey Leora, I’m completely new to FaceBook. Can I ask you a couple of question before I create a fan page?

    – Are links on the FaceBook fan page nofollow or dofollow?
    – I’ve heard a lot of negative things regarding privacy on FaceBook. Do I have to modify some settings to make the fan page completely public?

    Besides that, it’s a great tip! FaceBook is becoming really mainstream these days. It seems that all companies like to use it. I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    • Leora Wenger says:

      Good questions!
      “Are links on the FaceBook fan page nofollow or dofollow?” – nofollow
      “Do I have to modify some settings to make the fan page completely public?” – business pages by default are public. You would have to modify the settings if you wanted only some people to read them.

      I added your questions to http://www.facebook.com/websitesforsmallbiz – hope you’ll join in and ask more.

  9. Leora Wenger says:

    I get the idea … you are saying there is a way to make FB links dofollow.

  10. Leora Wenger says:

    So I looked this up… making Facebook links into dofollow links… and according to the bottom of this post, it’s no longer possible to do so.

    I suggest putting one’s energy elsewhere.

  11. recipes says:

    great post , hope to catch your next one soon.if you like recipes, just click my name.

  12. Leora Wenger says:


    Thank you for the compliment. I wish I had more time to write posts… I’ve been busy with work for my clients. But your comment spurs me to write that next post…

  13. Diane says:

    With more and more businesses creating fan pages, I wonder if more people are going to start to using facebook’s search function to locate different services or businesses?

  14. Maxim says:

    Hi, Leora

    You are absolutely right. Social network marketing is so crucial for the success these day. Fortunately it’s not being discovered yet by many online marketers.

  15. Today, its so simple for a small business to get a web presence on Facebook. Facebook is probably the largest CRM to this date. Just wait till they decide and start charging all these businesses. What are your thoughts, do you think Facebook will start charging companies?

  16. Yes, today small business needs to get locally exposured and using Facebook has given me a great impact.

    I am so glad that you are using limousine services as an example as i am one of the businesses too.

    Fan pages, group are great tools in Facebook.

    Lastly, i appreciate your post and hope i am able to learn more ropes here. cheers

    Patrick from Singapore limousine services

  17. Ive had alot of luck with twitter myself. you can look up people specific to your niche and trade ideas as well as get a lot of backlinks easily.

  18. I’ve really just started using FaceBook and I’m amazed at how intuitive it works. The interface really speaks for itself and that’s a big compliment for Zuckerberg and friends!