Creating a Magic Hat Image

magic hat disappearing rabbit ears

A few weeks ago I wrote a post with a picture of a rabbit disappearing into a hat. Or is the rabbit magically coming out of the hat? In any case, here’s how I created my magic hat image.

I may not have permission to use many of the images of rabbits in magic hats on the web as an image for my post, but on the other hand, it’s no crime to look at many different images using Google images. I found a few I liked, and I drew two in pencil on paper. Then I scanned them in and separated them in Photoshop using the crop tool. I decided to concentrate on this one:
magic hat drawing

This version of the drawing already shows the pen tool was used for the wand – I couldn’t get that straight a line with my free hand drawing. Using Adobe Illustrator, I made a template for the image. A template allows me to have the outline of what I want in one layer, and I draw my new image in the layer above. With a combination of the trace tool, the pen tool, the shape tool and the smooth tool, I created an image that was more or less what I wanted. Here’s a version of the image after I used the shape and pen tools to create the hat and wand and the pencil tool with the smooth tool to produce the ears:

I put the the newly created drawing in Adobe Photoshop and edited various pixels to get it closer to what I wanted. Photoshop has various brushes with fuzzy outlines that one can use to produce the pink of the ears and the fuzz on the tip of the wand. I then added display:none at the bottom, because that was related to my post topic. But the nice thing about creating images in layers in either Illustrator or Photoshop is that I could just have easily created an image that has different text, like this:
bye bye bunny magic hat disappearing rabbit
Speaking of magicians and magic hats, my son created a film about magicians:


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22 thoughts on “Creating a Magic Hat Image

  1. It’s amazing how the drawing software is opening up a whole new world of drawing to those of us who have a very limited amount of artistic talent. I commend you for your efforts. Well done! Drawing is something I have virtually no talent for. Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to try my hand at it in the digital world.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted…look for opportunities to promote your writing expertise: guest post by Irene Ternier GordonMy Profile

    1. I still think it’s easier to draw offline than online, but maybe others will find it easier to draw online! The pen tool can be difficult to master. I’ve done quite a few tutorials to get as far as I have.

      1. Hi, Praveen! OK, I will pay more attention to your new tech site soon enough. I started by subscribing to your feed – at some point the comments will come.

        Thanks for the gentle nudge.

  2. Cute film Leora!! Considering the beginning and end I can’t help wondering if your son is a small child or a teenager?:-)

    Only used Photoshop a bit in Saudi since I always had colleagues who created images based on my drawings. They used Photoshop and In-design.

    Maybe I should have a go at Photoshop again. Would be fun:-)

    1. Catarina, he’s fifteen years old, but like many of us, he has the heart and wonderment of a child (and I say that in a nice way).

      If you have any drawing skills, you can do so much with tools like Illustrator and Photoshop! But don’t get discouraged if what comes easily by hand is more difficult online. Editing pixels in Photoshop is one thing I often do now to clean up my drawings. Of course, that assumes the final result is only seen in a digital manner.

    1. Susan, glad to read that much of the post is familiar – that must feel good to you! I do so like your online creations.

      Glad you enjoyed my son’s film. On a whim, I decided to include it at the end of this post. He makes films as a way to relax – he had over a week between the end of our vacation and his start of school.

  3. Learning Photoshop is another skill on my to-do list, especially so since people can get sued to “borrowing” images from other websites to use on their own. I’ve focused more on learning how to edit videos, but in the next year I’ll be looking more into what you’ve shown here.

    It’s great that you say you son makes videos as a way to relax. I had a group of sophomore boys who once spent all afternoon making an extra credit video for Julius Caesar. They became so engaged, that it conviced me to make video projects a regular thing in my classroom.
    Jeri recently posted…On My Mind: Kahn Academy Can’tMy Profile

    1. Jeanette, I agree, we all have our strengths! Even if someone wrote an online program on how to build a bathroom, I would still hire a bathroom contractor.

      On the other hand, if you are familiar with the design process, it can help you communicate to a designer what you need. Likewise, a bathroom contractor might tell me what works in bathroom design and what doesn’t, even if I’m not the one building the bathroom.

  4. Aha! I want to do something like this. I have both PS and AI and I think I could if I take the time. I’m always envying Susan’t computer images, so maybe it’s my turn (I don’t have an iPad.).
    Anyway, the film your son did is AMAZING!! He is only 15? How in the world did he have the patience to do all that???? I want to know how long it took him? I’m totally amazed.
    Bethany Lee recently posted…Fitness GoalsMy Profile

    1. Bethany, I had a pottery teacher who taught us, when asked how long did it take to make X, to say the number of years one has studied pottery. So I will say five years: he has been making films for about five years.

      If you have the software, there are SO many tutorials online to try. I just did one for converting a photograph to a watercolor with controls and lines and plenty of choices. Much different than applying a filter.

  5. Amazing result. Ah, my young friend, you have advanced techie skills which I do not yet possess. I may leave the creative images to you and concentrate on business wisdom. Ah, but do not rule us out simply because we have a bit of gray mixed in with the curls.
    Together we can make small business flourish for all.

    1. Elaine, I like what you have to say despite your accusation that I am young. Hm, I wonder what determines young… I do feel youthful. Thank you so much for your compliments on my creativity. I love being creative. It gives me joy! (along with watching my children being creative …)

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