How to Create an End of Year Post – 2015 Version

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It’s the end of the year, so naturally what happens… everyone and his brother writes end of year posts. Let’s say you want to join the bandwagon … how does one go about doing this?

Use Google Analytics for End of Year Post

Do you have Google Analytics yet for your website? If you don’t, you should! If you sign into Google Analytics and look in Behavoir –> Site Content –> All Pages, you will see a list of pages and posts on your site. Which ones are the most popular? When I look it in Google Analytics, the post that stands out the most is this one:
Identifying a Painting with Google’s Search by Image

Identifying a Painting with Google’s Search by Image

I actually did update that post in 2015, although it was originally written in 2013.

Using Google Analytics, you can set the time period in which to show the data in the upper right corner.

The post that got the most hits and was written in 2015 is this one:
Local SEO: Finding a Business in a Local Area

Local SEO: Finding a Business in a Local Area

Use Social Media Measurements

If you are already using social media plugins, perhaps some of them have analytics? For example, HootSuite offers analytic charts. You can see which of your posts got shared a lot and display those. You can also use the native analytics offered by a social media platform. If you have a page on Facebook in which you share your posts, you can go to Insights (a tab at the top that only a page admin sees) and see which ones were popular. For example, on my Websites for Small Biz page, it seems that my post on mobile-friendly responsive themes was more popular than others.

Which Posts Got the Most Comments?

In order to figure out which post got the most comments, display your 2015 posts by year. It’s usually in a url this:
and mine is here:

I scrolled down to look at the number of comments on each post (this may or may not be displayed on the year archives page of your theme), and I discovered the one with the most comments (50) is this one:
New Website: Coming Soon Page?

New Website: Coming Soon Page?

Highlight a Geographical Area

Let’s say you want to improve on local SEO. You can include in your highlights of posts from 2015 any posts that you wrote about a specific geographic area. Looks like I included New Jersey in my 2013 Post Highlights:

Post Highlights of 2013

Display Favorite Posts from Favorite Readers

Instead of highlighting your own, you can go unto other blogs and choose your favorites of theirs. If you haven’t been blogging a lot lately or you want to reward some favorite readers, this might be a good approach.

Both favorites and posts from other bloggers in 2012:

Favorite Blog Posts 2012

Back in 2010 I displayed lists of links of favorite posts from other bloggers:

Review with 2010 Favorites from Various Blogs

Write Up Your Favorite Posts

The easiest way to write a year end highlights post is just to pick your favorites on your own!

In 2011 I just picked some favorite posts:

Highlights of 2011 on Websites for Small Biz

Way back in 2009, the first year of the Websites for Small Biz blog, I showed some of my favorite images that I created with various tutorials. Again, this was just by choosing my own favorites.

Photoshop Favorites of 2009

Ask Your Readers For an Opinion

I will leave this one up to you, dear reader. How do you think one might go about creating a post of highlights from the year? How would you gather the posts? What were some of your favorite posts from this past year – from your own blog, from this blog, from any other blog? Have you seen any end of year posts that you like? Finally, what might you do in 2016 to improve your blog posts?

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17 thoughts on “How to Create an End of Year Post – 2015 Version

  1. Any one of these ideas would work great Leora. I usually use the quick process of seeing what posts had the most comments, as you mention. But I like the idea of using Google Analytics. Decisions decisions. Thanks for the choices!

  2. Lots of great ideas for an end of the year post! I never thought of doing something like this, but I think I will do one of these next year. I like the idea of highlighting posts from other people’s blogs. That is just a great way to give back to the blogging community.

  3. I like the ideas you have given us! I especially like the highlighting of posts from other blogs, to bring exposure to your own blog, and to bring those with like minds together.

    I like WP’s stats, but also think combining them with Google Analytics is a good idea!

    Great post!

    1. Lorri, thanks for the nice words about the post. Yes, does have a nice stat package. It’s not a basic for self-hosted WordPress users – you would have to add it in. For me, Google Analytics is more than enough. But I suppose for a company following marketing carefully, they might want to try various statistics packages.
      Leora Wenger recently posted…Local SEO for Local Business: Citations and NAPMy Profile

  4. Great use for Google Analytics. I like the end of year posts ideas. The yearly highlights are an appealing idea. Thanks for the reminder that there are lots of Photoshop tutorials online.

  5. As always these posts are helpful for me.
    I started so late using the internet, and when I began promoting my novel there, I seemed to be overwhelmed.
    Thank you for posting tips like this, they help someone like me a lot.

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