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It’s always a good idea to work in areas that you enjoy. And I enjoy blogging! Happily, I get to present blogging at an upcoming workshop at the Highland Park Public Library in New Jersey. I will be talking about blogging for fun, blogging for business, blogging for profit and whatever blogging topics come up via discussion.

Key Advice for New Bloggers

I previously blogged about blogging by interviewing six bloggers about their experiences with blogging. In particular, they gave suggestions for new bloggers about knowing why you are blogging, how to get content for your blog, choosing a blogging platform and how to get comments.

On this post, I am going to give one piece of advice in large letters:


Form Relationships with Other Bloggers


You are not operating in a vacuum. There are other people out there that have more experience blogging than you do; some of these people are willing to help you out. After a while, you will have more experience than others, and you can help others out. Meanwhile, we all have our areas of expertise; sometimes these overlap, but even better is when the areas of expertise complement each other. For example, you may know a lot about pet food. Another blogger might be an expert in grooming dogs. How wonderful if the two of you can share content and ideas, and you don’t really have to compete with each other.

As an example of some of the wonderful bloggers I have met, here are two. For each one, I’m linking to a post they have written that shows a bit of their expertise:

I link to posts they have written instead of just their sites because 1) you can learn more that way and 2) it’s great to get a deep link for SEO reasons instead of just getting a link to one’s home page.

Facebook Workshop Slides

I recently ran a workshop on Facebook. Here are the slides from that workshop:

Love to get your input as I will soon be creating slides for the blogging workshop.

Your Turn, Please

What advice would you give to a new blogger? I am particularly interested in recommendations on blogging for profit (Google ads, text link ads, affiliate links, blogging to share information about one’s business). If you have a particularly good idea, it may show up on the screen of my blogging workshop.

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26 thoughts on “Blogging Workshop: Add Your Input

  1. Hi Leora.

    Well this popped up in my reader and of course I came right over because you always share good information.

    How flattering it was to see that you gave me a mention, so thank you.

    Well I guess you would expect me to say this but I would advise anyone starting a blog to learn some basic SEO.

    I see a lot of great blogs, with lot’s of traffic but I do see that quite a few bloggers shy away from SEO. I think there’s a feeling that the subjuct is hugely complex. Of course at the top end of the market it can be but that doesn’t mean that we can’t pull in some pretty decent traffic from the search engines.

    Since the Penguin update I’m finding it easier that ever to rank. If you use WordPress, there are some great plugins to help the newbie or novice bloggers too.

    So my advice to new bloggers. Just take a little time out to learn the basics.
    I just wrote a post about this and I think those who know me will be pretty shocked because I made a pretty big confession too. I won’t spoil the surprise Leora but let’s just say that anyone can learn SEO.
    Steve Hippel recently posted…SEO Is Important No Matter How Much Traffic You HaveMy Profile

    1. Steve,

      I don’t usually think of SEO as a topic for beginners, but why not?! Thanks for giving everyone the encouragement that even a newbie blogger can “rank” in the search engines.

  2. Thaks Leora. Nice information. I started using Facebook regularly. It gives me more fans in my page. I learned to share other people information on my page too. It did not improve sales in my Etsy shop, but my readership of blog is improved.
    There is a website which let you put the url of the blog and will help you to figure out the keywords you should be targeting on the blog. I can’t remember the name now. If I find it out, I will let you know.
    Bindhurani recently posted…For Tory StaffordMy Profile

    1. Bindhurani, I’ve seen several sites that help you find keywords, but if you can recommend one in particular, yes, that would be valuable information.

      Good point on sharing information by others – it lets people know you can focus on other people’s ideas as well as your own.

  3. Thanks for sharing your slides Leora. It looks like it was a great workshop!

    You asked us for recommendations on blogging for profit and you mentioned PPC (pay-per-click advertising(. PPC is one of my favorite topics because I feel a lot of people fear it when in actuality, it can be a very affordable and cost effective tactic. The key is to start slow with a restricted budget. Track what’s happening and tweak your ads until you’re achieving the results that you’re seeking (conversions).

    I’ve written several posts on this but here are a few quick tips: #1 – You don’t have to pay a lot of money to be in the top position. Just show up on the 1st page. #2 – Bid on keyword phrases that reflect buyer intent. (You don’t want to pay for a click if someone is in the early stages of researching.) #3 – Don’t forget to use “negative” keywords. Bonus Tip: Don’t display your ads based on content. Only have your ads show up when someone is searching on the keywords that you’re bidding on.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted…Does Twitter Drive Traffic to Your Website Blog?My Profile

    1. Sherryl, as I have little experience with PPC, I will certainly look at your posts on the topic in preparation for my talk.

      Thanks for adding this valuable information to the blog comments.

  4. Hi Leora,

    I totally agree with you about forming relationships with other bloggers. It was only when I started doing this that I started seeing some success with my blogging efforts.

    Not only that when things have gone wrong with my blog it is the people that I have built these relationships with that have come to my aid.

    What advice would I give to a new blogger?

    Be yourself and let people know what you’re doing online and what you hope to achieve and the steps you’re taking to achieve it.

    Do NOT try to Fake it until you make because in my opinion if you fake it you break it (the trust that we need our readers to have in us) as you say Leora it’s about forming relationships with other bloggers and we can’t do that if we’re faking it.

    Interesting points that Steve made in his comment so I’ll be heading his way soon….. He’s a good un 😉

    Thanks Leora,

    Barry Wells recently posted…A Solution To Your Plugin Nightmares and Slow Loading BlogsMy Profile

    1. So true about others helping out! Why, just last week Adrienne sent me a really helpful email that some of my blog pages weren’t working. I had messed with the backend too much, and I hadn’t realized.

      Hope Steve’s advice will inspire you to tell us how you learn from him.

    1. I find blog hopping fun … it is sometimes a great thing to do at the end of the day. The by-product may be more comments on one’s own blog, but it is important to enjoy the process and not to feel too much like it’s a task.

  5. Forming relationships with other bloggers in the same field is very important. For instance, as regards my tax blog, one other blogger hosts a tax carnival. Once a month, select posts are collated and put on her blog. It is awesome and brings tax bloggers from across the world together. I came here from Bloggers helping Bloggers group on LinkedIn.
    Lubna recently posted…Law Street (The Economic Times:April 27, 2012)My Profile

    1. Lubna,

      That is so cool that you have a tax blog. I love niches like that … too many bloggers writing about blogging! (like this post). Oh, I suppose a blog post on blogging is helpful, too.

      That’s a great LinkedIn group, Bloggers Helping Bloggers.

  6. What a pleasant surprise Leora to see that you mentioned one of my posts. I’m so flattered because you definitely know your stuff. To know that I may be able to help some of your readers is wonderful.

    You are so right and you know that blogging is something I just love. It’s a fabulous way to share your content, build relationships with other bloggers and possibly work with a few of them as well. Those are the parts I enjoy the most.

    You have some really great workshops and I sure wish I lived close to you. I bet attending them live and in person is a great experience. Thanks for sharing these slides with us.

    As always, great content here young lady. Really appreciate these tips.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Build Relationships Through Blog CommentsMy Profile

  7. Hi Leora – Today I am reading more about how to build relationships with your readers either by commenting or social interactions. Conducting workshops on the same sounds exciting and am glad you are taking it one step further with it.

    For a new blogger, I would ask them to stay away from ad programs and revenue generating affiliates until they build their presence and get some insight into blogging. Of course if they are into promoting their online business, then they would want to go all-out with promotion techniques. But other forms of revenue and monetizing a website should be their last worry being a beginner.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…How to monitor your employee activities through Mobile Spy?My Profile

    1. Praveen, it makes sense not to add the ad programs and revenue generating affiliates in the beginning, but I find many people are motivated to start by learning a bit about those money making programs. So I need to learn enough to have an intelligent discussion with them on this topic.

  8. Leora,

    I’m roughly at the 8 month mark with my blog. I haven’t started monetizing yet mostly because I wouldn’t get much :). My advice would be to not fall in love with any of your ideas too early. As the brilliant Charlie Munger says:

    “If Berkshire had made a modest progress, a good deal of it is because Warren and I are very good at destroying our own best-loved ideas. Any year that you don’t destroy one of your best-loved ideas is probably a wasted year.”
    Dan Meyers recently posted…How to transition to a single income familyMy Profile

    1. I’ve been blogging since 2008, and I’m still trying to figure the whole thing out. I’ve used blogging to learn WordPress (and now get paid by clients to do their sites), but in terms of making money off the actual blog, any money has been a nice bonus, but not the main purpose.

      If after 9 months you figure it all out, you can teach me a lot!

  9. Hi Leora,

    What I would tell a new blogger who is interested in monetizing his or her blog is it’s not just one thing that will make your blog a success. Yes, in order to monetize you need traffic however one must utilize all the ways of acquiring traffic.

    The best and strongest ways of getting traffic without paying for it is:

    To get traffic you must provide good valuable content and post often (the more the better)

    You must build relationships, by helping each other out. Be a giver. One way to do this is to visit other like minded blogs and again provide value by commenting. Share your valuable insights or state what you got from the post you just read.

    By doing this you are not just building relationships and building free traffic for your blog, you are also learning. The good thing about doing this is that every one learns something too. (Knowledge is power)

    Make friends on all the social networks too by being active on all platforms (link your blog to the networks)

    Don’t accept all comments to your blog, in the long run those spammy links will be like poison to your blog. Comments must make sense in relation to your post. Also one must see where these comments are coming from.

    As Barry Wells says on his blog- Some people will leave good comments but will play around with the website url links to get back-links to unrelated sites at your expense.

    Ask blog owners (especially your relationships} if you can do a guest post on their blogs. Guest posting on other blogs is also excellent for becoming known and building relationships.

    It’s all about common sense relationships, the more the better. Building relationships if you keep at it will go viral and your blog will have many visitors. When you finally want to tell about a product you have or recommend- People Will Listen!

    If you are starting out blogging know that you must work your blog on a consistent basis. It and all your networks must be kept active always if you are looking to get anything from your blog. You just can’t have it sit there on the web. Nothing will happen! You must take Action!

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti recently posted…Your Own Custom Opt-in Box and AweberMy Profile

    1. Terri,

      This is a blog post in itself! Thank you for all your knowledgeable advice. I so agree that building relationships is such an important part.

      Thanks for visiting, Terri.

  10. Hi Leora,

    The facebook presentation is awesome. Also the reference to Adrienne’s post was cool. Adrienne is a great friend and she makes sure that everyone gets comfortable with blogging.
    It is really important to develop friendship with other bloggers because they not only share your content but also talk about it.
    I have made a lot of friends through blogging and its indeed been a terrific journey. Now I can include your blog in my list too :). Great to meet you here .
    Ashvini recently posted…Eight ways to become a preferred consultant to your clientMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much for visiting, Ashvini. I’m glad you enjoyed the Facebook workshop (at least the virtual version, which is much less than being there in person). Looking forward to more networking.

  11. Hi Leora,
    First I must say that I’m happy to meet you via Adrienne Smith. She is all over the place these days!

    What advice would I give a blogger?

    Be yourself, write about what you know: When you learn something new from an article, workshop, etc. – write about it. Write in your own words and in your own opinion.
    Know your brand and brand yourself well. If you are a health and wellness person, keep on writing about that.
    Have an “avatar” of the person you are writing to. This means that you have a picture in your mind of a person that needs your advice and you are writing to that person. This will keep you focused.

    Never Ever Spam! If you have a product you are selling, put it on a “page” on your blog. You can use the 80/20 rule. 80% giving good content and 20% soft selling your product. – Truth is we are here to make money!

    Always build relationships. When someone comments on your blog, go to theirs, comment back and tweet, Facebook, Google+ them. They will appreciate it and this is a start of a new relationship.

    When you start getting people coming on your blog a lot, reach out to them via FB messages, Skype, or telephone. Just start chatting and see what the other person is doing.

    This is how I built great relationships with other bloggers. Some lead to Joint Ventures.

    O.K. I’ll stop the book here.

    Thanks for bringing up this great call to action for your readers,
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why Is Building Relationships Super Important?My Profile

    1. Donna,

      This is a great list. I can’t imagine a person choosing to spam – it seems so obvious NOT to do that, but if people do it, obviously they think it will help their business.

      I do meet some fascinating folks through Adrienne. I’m glad you took the time to leave this long comment on this particular post. I find it helpful to get feedback, especially since my blog workshop is in less than a week. I can tell them at the workshop: go to this particular post and read all the comments. Then read posts written by those folks who left great comments…

      Best wishes,


  12. Hi Leora,

    I would advise new bloggers to visit other blogs in their niche. After reading a post, leave a relevant comment, and read the other comments on the post. I’ve learned a ton from reading others comments. You never know where you may find a pearl of wisdom.
    Jamella Biegel recently posted…Favorite WordPress PluginsMy Profile

    1. Jamella,

      That is certainly excellent advice, and in the workshop last night I emphasized the power of commenting on other blogs. We also discussed the difficulties initially of finding other bloggers that are in one’s niche. Brand new bloggers often also have a hard time defining their niche – they may know they want to write, but they may not be ready to narrow down their topics when they are new at blogging.

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