Approaches to SEO: Incoming Links, Page Optimization and Great Content

You have a small business or organization. You have limited time, funds and energy. How should you approach SEO? In my post called Intro to SEO, Ken Cleveland argues:

the most important thing when doing search engine optimization is get a good amount of backlinks first. when you have a sufficient amount of backlinks, then you can start optimizing in page links, keyword density and other factors which affects your ranking.

And Navaro says:

internal linking is an important factor also and is worth looking into.

On another blog, a commentator felt strongly that page optimization (keywords, meta tags, body tags and more) was the most important factor.

We could argue about what is MOST important of the big three (Incoming Links, Page Optimization or Great Content). Instead, make sure to familiarize yourself with all three of these approaches and apply some of each to your site.

incoming links page optimization Great Content

I would suggest that the most important place to put your energy is in building great content. If you have content worthy of a link, the links will come. Of course, there are many ways to “nudge” along the process of getting links. But if you have limited time, put some of that time into a blog for your business. This will give you an opportunity to write more valuable content that others can link to. Here are few examples of a blog for a small business:

More information about SEO, incoming links and page optimization:

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13 thoughts on “Approaches to SEO: Incoming Links, Page Optimization and Great Content

  1. Yup..great content leads to high Pagerank. If content is good and that’s what actually being looked, easily and automatically will get good authority and genuine links. Content is king.

    1. Thank you – I am happy to get positive feedback on this post. The people who run small businesses should understand what needs to be done to optimize their sites, even if they are not the ones doing the optimizing. But as “great content” continues to be a key factor, that is certainly within the direct control of the small business owner.

  2. I agree that it is importent with good content. However it will not lead to high PR. I suggest that you get links from suppliers and bloggers you might know.

  3. Agreed that great content is first. It will make incoming links come much easier. Also, incoming links are nice, but if the person who clicks on these links doesn’t stay more than 5 seconds, it doesn’t help very much.

  4. Incoming links, page optimization AND great content is important. Im my opinion you can’t go for only one of these.

    But great content is the overall most important. And page optimization should be part of writing great content. But all this doesn’t help much, if nobody finds your great content. So some basic link building to start with is neccessary to get a decent rank in the search engines, thus making your great content known to the users out there 🙂

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  6. I realize this is somewhat dated, but at the same time it isn’t because it is evergreen content. Leora, you hit it on the head when you said that great content is the most important aspect to developing a great site that ranks well. Google is all about shutting down spam and it’s crawlers are getting better by the day at “reading” text, and like Scentsy said, it doesn’t matter how many links you have pointing at you if there is nothing there to make someone (or a crawler) stick around.

    If Ken Cleveland is arguing to build backlinks without first developing internal SEO I know who I won’t hire for my SEO. No site should be launched without a proper structure and internal linking practice. Make it easy for the crawlers, and they’ll make it easy for you.

    1. Absolutely about doing on-page optimization first! If a site isn’t set up with a good system such as WordPress or Drupal, I doubt it is well-optimized with on-page. And no amount of incoming links is going to fix that.

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