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Plugins for WordPress - Review of P3 Plugin

One important factor in search engine ranking of your website is: how fast or slow does your website load? One way to analyze WordPress load problems is to use the P3 Plugin. The P3 Plugin or Plugin Performance Profiler was developed by the tech staff at GoDaddy presumably because they had a lot of WordPress users with slow loading sites that needed to pinpoint the performance issues.

Background: I had a client whose site was running way too slowly. Initially, I thought the problem might be with the web host, with the slideshow or with the photo gallery. When I ran the P3 plugin, I discovered a specialized redirect plugin a previous web manager had installed was causing the major issues. Once that plugin was replaced by code and other changes, the site ran faster than it did before (although it could still use some performance enhancing due to other plugins and the current theme).

Why is load time on your website important?

As stated on Google’s Webmaster blog: Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. You don’t want to lose your readers while the page is loading, do you? Luckily, there are tools for understanding page load issues and for manipulating and changing the results.

Before getting into the details of the P3 plugin, you can also try out Google’s Page Speed insights. It won’t give you as much information as the P3 Plugin, but it’s a great place to start: Actually, it gives a different kind of information and deserves a separate post of its own.

P3 Plugin Shows WordPress Plugins Analytics

First, install the plugin. Run the scan. You can email yourself (or your client) the results.

P3 Plugin analyzes Websites for Small Biz blog
The plugins that take the most load time are listed as individual pieces of the pie. For the rest, there is a little sliver called other.

My plugin load time on this blog is only .336 – I’m not terribly concerned about load time on this blog. On another site I manage, it is all the way up to 4.815 seconds per visit. That site is going to need more work.

You can see the breakdown in the pie chart by plugin. If one plugin in particular is causing an issue, it will probably show up as a big piece of the pie. Be sure to also check out detailed breakdown:
detailed breakdown of P3 plugin
In this chart, no plugin in particular is high in the chart. On another site, I saw a plugin rising high over the other ones – it was a great cue to dispense with that plugin.

Your Turn, Please

Have you experienced load time problems? How did you solve the issue (if indeed you did)? Have you used diagnostics to evaluate your site? Have you visited sites that you wished used performance diagnostics?

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35 thoughts on “Analyze WordPress Load Problems with P3 Plugin

  1. I have used W3 Cache plugin with good success. It speeds up wordpress website by caching the pages and minifying CSS and JS files. The only bad things is that it is a very advanced plugin and takes some time to get familiar with.
    Ankit recently posted…Appointpress is Now Live!!!My Profile

    1. Thanks for the advice about the cache plugin. I find that if someone goes first to a cache plugin, they may not realize that one of the other plugins is causing the issue. So it is good idea to do some analysis in addition to adding a cache plugin.

    1. Jon, happens to all of us at times! I see so many posts advertising how you just have to have such-and-such plugin – but no warning of how too many plugins can spoil “the broth.”

  2. Thanks for the tip Leora. I’ve seen this plugin mentioned before and I’ve never installed it but I will definitely check it out now that you’ve explained the benefits.

    I had not heard that this was developed by the staff at GoDaddy. That does not surprise me at all. I hosted with them years ago and one of my sites was consistently going down. Finally, someone in tech support admitted to me that there were “known issues” with the server that my site was on. GoDaddy refused to relocate my site and we parted ways.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted…Does Your Social Media Strategy include Twitter Direct Messages?My Profile

    1. Always good to be prepared. I like to learn about the possibilities before the issue arises, kind of like knowing how to sail in stormier weather even if you are usually on a calm lake.

  3. I haven’t experienced loading problems but this sounds like a helpful plugin to fix the problem. I have definitely left webpages that have taken too long to load before, so this seems like an important area to pay attention to especially for people who run a business blog or website for their business.

  4. I always love how informative and interesting your posts are! I recently created a website and it doesn’t have any loading issues, but if it ever does I now know how to fix the problem! In a society like ours when everyone wants everything to be instant and fast, a slow website will definitely be bad for the traffic leading onto your site.

    1. Morgan, so pleased you find my posts interesting! It often takes me a while to get started with a post, because I struggle with wondering whether the post is too technical or not informative enough. Glad many meet your expectations for interesting.

  5. Leora – Nice share. I checked in the google insights link that you have provided, and both my websites are at 74 and 73 out of 100 page speeds. Is that ok?

    I will definitely try out the P3 plugin, and see what that has to say.

    Load time is really an important factor for our blogs as you have mentioned, we do not want to lose out on readers because of such issues.

    Thanks for the share.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted…A New Xbox Platform on the HorizonMy Profile

    1. Praveen, it’s funny how you ask if it is OK – if you can easily find ways to make it load faster, make the changes. If not, do other things. Life is short! If it were 50 or below, then you would really need to concentrate on getting it faster.

      Now if you worked on a restaurant website, I would say make it load faster! Customers are hungry. They want the food menus fast.

  6. I’ve used it. very good plugin. Its obviously my computer and laptop which make it appear to load in around 5 – 6 seconds. The P3 plugin states that my car valeting site loads in a Total Load Time: 1.86secs and a Site Load Time: 1.19secs and Plugin Load Time:0.385secs

    I guess these figures are good.

  7. Very good plugin. If anyone does have problems with their load times its Very easy to understand. Obviously just an issue with both of my computers!

    1. One does have to isolate different factors that are causing the problem – as you say, in your case it was your computers. I have issues with my router, so if anyone has been doing research on a good wireless router for home use …

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