Highlights of 2011 on Websites for Small Biz

Introductory note: if you are new to Websites for Small Biz, you may want to learn more about Websites for Small Biz. You can learn who has guest posted and who has been interviewed. Once you have been reading for a while (and hopefully, participating as well by commenting), you are invited to check out guest posting opportunities. Small business owners, tech experts, marketers, bloggers, non-profit professionals, writers and students of life are all invited to participate in Websites for Small Biz.

Setting up a Twitter Profile

How to Set Up a Twitter Profile was one of the popular posts on Websites for Small Biz this fall. It is important for those running a small business, a non-profit organization or a blog to spend time carefully setting up a Twitter account in order to get valuable interactions on Twitter.

Ease of a Facebook Business Page

Ease of a Facebook Business Page introduces the mechanics of setting up a page (as opposed to a profile) on Facebook. Ideas on how to engage one’s readers and keep interest is part of this post.

responsive web design - think mobile

Responsive Web Design is a new trend in web building that is here to stay, because mobile usage is increasing (people are reading or trying to read your blog posts on their mobile phones) and platforms like iPads are becoming more relevant. Is your website ready for mobile?

Error 404

Error 404 pages can add fun and increase the message of your brand on your website. Learn how various websites use Error 404 pages.

Display information such as a slideshow or a photo gallery

Display Information Without Being Overly Geeky is a post about slideshows, photo galleries, infographics, friendly photos, interviews and videos. How many different ways can you display information, and are you keeping the readers interested?

Search engine optimization for small business website

10 Ideas for SEO of Your Small Biz Website presents keywords, title tags, alt tags, site maps, commenting and more as ways to search engine optimize your small business website.

New Jersey on Twitter by Profession

Strictly speaking, New Jersey on Twitter by Profession is a page, but it is one of the most popular on Websites for Small Biz. If you are doing business in New Jersey, this might be a valuable way to figure out who to follow in New Jersey and make valuable contacts.

2011 highlights of websites for small biz

2011 was a good year for building websites and for building the blog Websites for Small Biz. I’ve enjoyed all the guest posts and interviews. May the new year of 2012 bring lots of new, innovative ideas on how to expand small businesses with marketing, well-built websites, networking, and lots of good blog post sharing!

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    1. Yes, there are quite a few ways to view how your site will look on mobile. I remember going on one specifically for droid recently. There is lots being written on this topic – will certainly look for more angles on mobile and websites to include in a future post.

      Thank you for commenting, Justin!

  1. Hi Leora!!

    Nice Recap you shared for future but the hard working and creativity of ideas is only way to increase the blog outcome.
    Best of Luck for 2012.
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