11 Inspiring Kitchen or Food Headers

In preparation for a new header design for a cooking blog, I gathered eleven headers to explore how one might enhance a blog header for a kitchen, cooking or food-related site. Under each site, I noted what I liked about the designs. Feel free to add your own reactions in the comments.

Cooking with Amy

Cooking with Amy
Cooking with Amy

What’s notable about this site is the post-it note for linking to categories and the attractive photo of produce. The header itself is a bit large for my taste, but it certainly draws one’s attention. Note the color scheme: greens, bold blue, and a tan background.

Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes
Simply Recipes

In contrast, the header for Simply Recipes is quite simple. This allows the reader to focus on the inviting and tempting photos in each post. The typography and logo of the header are crisp and professional. Color scheme: brown with a pale pink, gray background.



The header is a professional-looking logo with 4 beautiful advertisements. There are plenty of menu links as well. One could easily have 4 parallel images that link to categories in a similar attractive fashion. The background is a grunge look – this is currently stylish for web design, especially an ecological site. Color scheme: greens and browns with some blue.

Start Cooking

Start Cooking
Recipes Index of Start Cooking

This is the recipe index for Start Cooking. I like the simplicity and brevity of the header; the photo of food works well with the tabbed menu. The header takes up only a small part of the page, but it is useful and cheerful.

Design Sponge

Design Sponge
Recipe Section of Design Sponge

The card-like menus of the Design Sponge would work well with a cooking site. As in Cooking with Amy, categories are linked in a creative manner. Design Sponge does a better job of integrating the pictorial menus into the overall layout.

A Year in Bread

Year in Bread
Year in Bread blog

A simple header with a great photo can be inviting and attractive. Maybe just incorporate a menu to jazz it up and make it more utilitarian.

Food on Food

Food on Food
Food on Food

A whimsical illustration can make a fun header.

The Kitchn

The Kitchn (yes, that's with no 'e')

Header is a simple logo in green with a bar of bright yellow underneath; it pops out against the grays of the site. If you go to this site, note the clever little favicon.

What’s Cooking Blog

What's Cooking Blog
What's Cooking Blog

This blog header combines a friendly photo of mother and child cooking on the right with an illustration on the left. The subdued green and gray color scheme helps the photo pop out at the viewer.

The Organic Supermarket

The Organic Supermarket bopo
The Organic Supermarket

An attractive photo with bold green labeling and an integrated menu captures the eye in this header.

Food Tease

Food Tease
Food Tease
Fun illustration incorporated with the navigation menu entices the reader into exploring the site. Color scheme: yellows with black and white and a splash of pink in the logo.

Which of these appeal to you and why? Thanks.

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30 thoughts on “11 Inspiring Kitchen or Food Headers

  1. These are all great. My favorites are the first one and the one with the loaf of bread (a year in bread which I think is 6th). I like them both because the food looks so fresh and appealing and to me they say that the site will care about fresh, beautiful food. Depending on the audience I’m not sure with the first one if I’d have the recipe sheet over the food but that does add to the message (depending on the message). However, the second one would be my favorite for a mass audience looking for quick recipes. Not sure why I think that. My reactions are gut ones.

  2. I like Cooking With Amy and The Organic Supermarket the best. I think that a single really crisp high quality image of food is critically important for the header of a food blog. Like Carver suggested though I’d lose the note on Amy’s, it’s distracting. For ease of use Simply Recipes has long been a favorite of mine but it’s not as visually appealing, and to me the ones with the illustrations or busy looking headers look “not serious”, to coopt an awkward Hebrew expression. A food blog should look like a very high quality hard cover cookbook. It’s food – use food porn to sell it, and spring for a professional shot.

    I have to say that I’ve never cared for the Year in Bread header, the font looks amateurish to me and the picture has blown highlights and not enough definition. They do make good bread though, and I was lucky enough to win a great giveaway there a few years ago – I won a terrific artisanal bread cookbook that has become Jay’s go-to staple and which seriously improved the quality of the bread he bakes.

    1. Hi Robin,

      The drafter of this post started out by saying that the tabs would work well for a cooking website, and then did a screen capture of the In the Kitchen With archive.

      While the tabs are an integral part of the website design in and of itself, as is the inclusion of thumbnails in each content-related archive, the screen capture you see is not a home page, it is the archive for the recipes which have appeared on the site. I agree that were it a home page, it would be too busy. But for an archive, especially for recipes, I believe that having a thumbnail is useful, as people who cook often love to see an image associated with a recipe.

      So perhaps if DesignSponge is going to be used as a model for its header, like all the others were, then the focus should be on the home page, in which case the tabs would also be pertinent. If, however, the focus is on how we present our archives, then what was presented here is fantastic!

      Kristina, Editor
      In the Kitchen With

  3. I’ll try to leave a comment for each one.
    1: Nice. the fresh variety of food is appealing. So are the colors. The shopping list is a fine addition but it is a bit too big.
    2: Warm colors but might get boring after a while, especially once the weather is warmer and the need for warm food has decreased.
    3: Too many different items.
    4: The header is too narrow. Nothing remains once you stop looking at it so it probably won’t
    be remembered and recognized.
    5: Too many things on that first page too.
    6: Appealing too. I agree with Carver as the bread looks homemade and fressh.
    7: Amusing but a bit pale.
    8: The colors evoke my kitchen – not that it is relevant – but here again the header is a bit narrow.
    9: Too soppy for my liking. The perfect WASP mom with the good daughter. Might turn off a number of people who won’t identify with the people featured.
    10: Efficient especially if you wish to promote a blog dealing with healthy or/and organic food and recipes.
    11: I am not too keen on the colors.
    Hope this helps.

  4. I love the first one the most because it is both warm and inviting and sharp, although I think I could do without the PostIt note. The last one is also clever and playful while retaining that professional quality. The rest, I think, are generic.

  5. Re the single image, I’d also go for something very flexible and generic looking – ingredients more than an actual dish. It will remain fresh (less dated) longer that way and will enable the viewer to provide their own interpretation. Choose a photo that highlights good quality (foodwise and visually) ingredients and then let it speak for itself.

  6. I like the first one, even with the post it. I like seeing the fresh produce. It’s much more inviting than a specific dish (maybe suggests potential and promise rather than finished perfection?)
    Also, I go for easy to follow menus with clear lettering, like the ecoki. I’m not crazy about the grunge colors though (just me maybe).
    I like the Design Sponge menu but I don’t really like all those thumbnails with so little white space in between. Too busy for me.
    Food Tease is a very nice design (although I don’t like the yellow color so much).

  7. Nice list… I like quite a few of them! all are quite different from each other so hard to pick just one:) Cooking with Amy has catchy image and sticky – post it while Ecoki is a great site like it from the very first time I saw it!

  8. I like number one (cooking with Amy) as well it is bright, eye catching and generic…. I mean that in a good sense, at first glance I see foods that appeal to everyone bu the next down for instance a bowl of chili someone not into meat or spicy foods may see that and pass up the site on first glance because they don’t identify with the food upon first contact with the site. But the first is simple yet catches the eye not many people are put off by veggies. I also like the little post-it at the top it gives the header the feeling of being organized (for me at least) not a site that is hairy cary or too random.
    Good luck!

  9. I like the simply recipes, it is simple but i like how its simplicity catches a person’s attention through the sumptuous food which is the main attraction of the site. It also gives you an idea about the site in just one glance.

    1. Thanks, Carmina. Are you trying to make decisions on a header for your own site? I see you write about kitchen cabinets, and at present your header is just text in a colored box. Sounds like you are shopping for ideas.

  10. Hi,

    DesignSponge is a design website, not a kitchen or food website. The food component of DesignSponge is one of the lifestyle columns which features each Friday.

    So it is quite misleading to provide a screen capture of the In the Kitchen With archive as a “Kitchen or Food header” because it isn’t.

    All the same, thank you for including it, and we are quite honored to have made your list for sites you looked at when pondering your next design.

    The team at ALSO did a fabulous job on the site design.

    All the best
    Kristina recently posted…before -amp after- ted’s bar cindy’s kitchenMy Profile

    1. I love the photos in your header. Perhaps the rest of the page needs to reflect some of those fancy features I see in the blue bathroom. Or a slider-style slideshow might work for your header, too.

      1. Do you know, I think you might be on to something!

        Make the rest of the page look like the tiling in the blue bathroom. Maybe with some accessories dropped in appropriately.

        Not sure my web graphic design abilities will be up to it, but I will give it a go.

        Thanks for that. Really!
        Simon Jones recently posted…Bathroom Fitters LondonMy Profile

  11. I really like design sponge. I have been looking for something like this for my blog. The layout just feels like you are peeking at the desk of a great cook.

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